Friends of Bebington Lodge

Bebington Lodge has many regular guests that visit from other lodges and we would like to express our thanks to them for their friendship and support over the years.

To show our gratitude and brotherly love, we have dedicated a page for our members to see details of where and when our friends meet so they can go and visit as time permits.

Website: Dormer Lodge


Location: Clifton Road

Dates: 1st Friday of October - March

Installation - October

The Wallasey Lodge 3036

Email: Darren Dodd

Location: Manor Road

Dates: 1st Friday of October - April

Installation - November

Progress Lodge 4584

Website: Progress Lodge

Email: Brian Williams

Location: Hulme Hall

Dates: 3rd Wednesday of Oct, Nov, Jan, Mar & Apr. 3rd Sat Feb

Installation - February

Noctorum Lodge 5913

Website:  Noctorum Lodge

Email: Contact us

Location: Neston Masonic Hall

Dates: 4th  Thursday of October - April (excluding Dec) Tyle 18:00

Installation - April

If you wish to become a friend of Bebington Lodge, please contact our Secretary via email who will happily share your details